Homeless Guyunreleased

Concept & Design
Working with the artist and a number of writers, we settled on a war vet as the single main character. We wanted our world to be filled with shady people. We tried a lot of different character designs to see what would fit in our world.
The game was originally going to have two main characters that the player could play as. The multiple characters would give us a chance to show different perspectives on being homeless.
We used motion capture to create character animations because we knew the volume of animations needed for the game would be too much for keyframe animation by hand. The cartoon feel of the characters came through in the 3D models. Some of the model textures used the actual pencil drawings to give that rough-around-the-edges look.
As New York residents, we picked 4 areas of New York City that we felt we could humbly recreate for the game. Those areas were : Time Square, Grand Central Station, Washington Square Park and a nondescript train yard. A custom solution was programmed to allow writers to easily implement stories in the game with zero programming. Key game mechanics were triggered by laying out a story structure in our custom tool.
(still in production)