The Elf Who Killed Christmas

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Concept & Design
We worked with a freelance artist to design the look and feel of the game.This was the most pre-production we had done and it greatly improved the quality of the project. We knew that for a shooter game, we would need enough variance of enemies to keep from getting boring. We committed to supporting over 20 unique characters.
The world this game takes place in has a class system for elves. We wanted to see worker elves, guard elves and prisoner elves ... to make it clear they weren't all on the same side. It was important for the characters to have personality and that gave us more to work with in creating the final product.
One of the original ideas was to use toon-rendering to give the cartoony look. We opted instead for modern lighting with a fixed color palette, giving us room to make crazy special effects. After an initial release for Windows only in 2014, the game was fully ported to Unity3D and re-released Christmas 2015 on Windows, Mac OS X and Android.
A custom pathfinding solution was built for the game. Lots of research and development was happening with the engine to create a richer experience. Since the release of Alpha Chimp, the engine was greatly improved and allowed for complex lighting and scenes. We took advantage of that to create bigger levels.
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