Alpha Chimp

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Concept & Design
This was our first attempt at designing game mechanics and levels. We wanted to keep levels small to avoid running into problems. Originally the game was going to be about a chimp in Bronx Zoo. We realized it was going to be too complicated to make a decent zoo. If there was a sequel, it would take place in a zoo.
There was an idea of an "elder chimp" that gave you missions. The voice actor took it over the top, and we really liked it. We decided that the enemies would be based on real threats to chimps, like poachers and loggers, after watching Jane Goodall documentaries on chimps.
The game was originally designed with terrain-based levels ( grayscale image map ) for easy prototyping. The final levels were built in Blender. Since we had no help with design, and we weren't taking ourselves too seriously, we decided to have blatantly inaccurate things. For example, the "alpha chimp" in the game is clearly a gorilla.
The first version of the game engine put great limitations on character animation and models. We designed characters around these limitations. The game took over a year to make, because the engine it ran on was being built at the same time. Eventually we had an engine and game that ran on XBOX 360 and Windows.

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